Rock Radio from the U-Rock Network means you are up to date on who is kicking it and where to find these great bands we turn you onto. We do Rock Radio the way we grew up on FM rock radio, we just listened thru that 3 to 4 minutes of something we really did not like to get 20 minutes of Great Shit we never heard but can’t go a day with out hearing. Tune in on any of the U-Rock Radio network or affiliate broadcast streams.

The U-Rock Network frame work is designed around the traditional call-signs like AM, FM and TV but that is where the similarities stop. Our affiliates operate collectively but locally so that the coverage is relevant but they use all of today’s latest apps, software and technology to connect and deliver this unique content. Presently twenty-five Stations with Call signs are registered on The U-Rock Network and will be coming online over the next 6-18 months, additional call signs have been reserved for future growth and we are always looking for more like-minded people to join our team. The U-Rock Network streaming on U-Rock.Today is the EU stream broadcasted over our Radionomy Service. The App and Facebook page stream are our affiliate feeds for those not broadcasting locally. On these streams you will find selections by great new bands and artist playing Rock and Roll Today. These bands are on the up and coming and deserve to be heard and are selected on songwriting and Quality of Material, sound and beat.

Tune In Today on any of the Streaming Services. Radionomy, Tune-In and Shoutcast are just a few where you can find us or right here on our website.