Revamped Website Affiliate Additions and The Black Spiders

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You Have To Buy One or Both of These Black Spiders CD’s, I know your saying the CD format is dead, so why not grab a Collector’s Item Now, It will be money well invested in the The Black Spiders They Are Rock and Roll’s best friend.

Now that I got that out of my system The Website Updates, As you will be able to tell after visiting is there are many moving parts now. Keep tab’s on our video favorites, check our twitter feed, countdown to Pat DiNizio and search for a cellphone on Amazon, right from and Go to from your smartphone to access our mobile Urock Radio App there you can keep up with Urock Radio. Access all the latest information no matter what Mobile Service Provider you use, our smartphone app is compatible. Available at

Finally I’d like to welcome a pair of network affiliates in Champaign-Urbana, IL and in Angola, IN more information about the network later but available soon. as a matter of fact there will be a widget for that and a website, maybe an app as well.

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