Gas House Gorillas New Album “SHUT UP!”

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Gas House Gorillas New Album “SHUT UP!” tracks added to Playlist
“Cookin’ At Home”, “Cooking With Gas”, “In A Different Life” and “Low”

Only after looking up an old rock and roll buddy on Facebook did I find out about the Gas House Gorillas. These guys have a sound all their own. The give lively performances and tour quite often so catch them, it’s worth the cover charge.

Gas House GorillasAs I have found out the Gas House Gorillas Rick Fink started the band in 2003 with the purpose of defying category. Crusher Carmean, the well-known front man of the band Crescent City Maulers joined early on and found a permanent home. From the beginning, the band built a solid reputation through constant touring and fearless take-no-prisoners performances. The band honed it’s high-energy Roots Rock approach with a more Punk aesthetic, creating a sound and gaining a devoted fan base. In the summer 2013 the band released of “Punk Americana” on Lanark Records. The album became the #1 and #2 most downloaded album in the country, competing against national and international recording artists, a great showing.
2015 saw the band ditch the horn and become a quartet. The result was positive with an even more muscular musical assault. Rounding out the current lineup are Oscar Rodriguez on guitar and Eddie Everett on drums. The fruits of this configuration can be heard on the band’s upcoming album SHUT UP! on Stoopid Brute Records™.
Gas House GorillasYou will find Big Band Swing, Rockabilly Rave Ups, Hard Core Punk and even sweet Pop music standing side by side under one roof. GHG consider this to be their greatest achievement and the best representative of what this band is about. The Gorillas will continue to bring smiles to the masses as they joke, cajole and crowd-surf their way into 2016 with a vengeance.
We’ve added a bunch of tracks to the U-Rock Radio™ playlist. Tune in to WURN/WPHL or WATL to hear “Cookin’ At Home”, “Cooking With Gas”, “In A Different Life” and “Low”. Were one of the first stations to bring you the new album, we’ll be adding more tracks in a few more weeks. Catch the Gas House Gorillas on Tour this Fall.
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