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Archive, Rock, rock and roll 08 May , 2011 | 3:20 am | Network

You know this started as a bit of a novelty to put all the “Urock” websites under one umbrella but after adding a few more and finding a few more “Urock” sites it has become apparent that you will eventually find everything from Motivation to Sunglasses and Used Clothing named “Urock” or from a store named “Urock”.

Eventually there will be more about the bands we play on the Urock Radio station, I will be adding a “Bands on the Playlist” page where you will be able to see why we believe in the bands we do and what makes us want to spend our own money and time to promote the music we do. That’s right the artist that I support, I support them because I believe in them. When I say “independent” I mean no funding from any source to complete projects, I work to fund these projects.

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