Adam Ezra Group – Hurricane Wind

adam ezra group

adam ezra group photo noise trade It’s difficult to impart the essence of the Adam Ezra Group into a single word, but front-man Adam Ezra keeps one in mind: community.

To the musicians at the heart of Adam Ezra Group, community is epitomized by a belief they all share, one that has long doubled as a mission statement for the group that Ezra and his band-mates hold sacred such an inclusive approach to their craft helps explain the gathering storm of an album that is “Hurricane Wind.” Fan-funded, and fan-produced, the project finds the broader Adam Ezra Group fan community playing a role in every step of the process from inception to its final release on May 21st.

Such a groundbreaking form of collaboration makes all the sense in the world for a musical collective like Adam Ezra Group. After all, as Ezra sees it, the fans are really part of the band, active members of their movement who’ve always exercised a critical role in AEG’s ability to carry out its mission. This inclusive approach to musicianship, centered about respecting and celebrating their listeners above all else, Ezra insists, is what has allowed the group to explode out of their Boston-area origins to emerge as one of the most uniquely powerful, relentlessly entertaining live-music experiences in the country.

Adam Ezra Group’s grassroots efforts recently caught the eye of John Oates, of Hall & Oates fame.

For the past year and a half, Ezra and Oates have been regular writing partners, meeting up in Nashville between tours. Three of their co-writes are featured on the upcoming Adam Ezra Group album, and Oates himself joined Ezra in the studio to sing and play on the album. They performed their first co-written song, “All I Am“, live in-studio as an acoustic duet, a process also shared with fans, who were invited along for a virtual tour of the studio as well as granted access to unreleased studio performances.

Last December, AEG galvanized their community partnership by releasing 23 studio demos to fans, including multiple collaborations with Oates. Ezra established an innovative framework through which fans could follow the process of song arrangement and studio tracking, help whittle the album down to just 11 polished final cuts, steer artwork creation, and assist in naming the project itself.

The title, “Hurricane Wind,” speaks to an elemental, overpowering force of nature, a quality AEG believes exists in every human being and can be magnified through the unifying power of music.