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Turn too the U-Rock Network for unbelievable coverage and exposure to 28-55 year old demographic, 60% male and into Rock & Roll. Our demographic likes new music and is tech savvy into trying new things. They will spend a few dollars to see if a product is right for them, co promoting your Record Label, eBay Store, Online Store or Related business is a great way to reach this hard to reach crowd. Contact us today to discuss your sales expectations.

Radio Show Ads

Advertise on the Network


You have the option of a 6 or 13 week run. We believe we will increase your traffic and awareness by the end of these trial campaigns. You can simply collect your graphics and leave or sign on at a reduced rate and run another campaign with us.

Brand Awareness


The U-Rock Network “Brand Awareness” promotion brings attention to your Brand and will give your website a boost in traffic. Our Brand Awareness Campaign includes our top to bottom creative handling of your message, to build your Brand’s image with the 28-55 year old target market audience.

Grab A Membership


A year membership gets you all kinds of perks like mp3 singles, posters, tickets and that help supports the Urock Operation.

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Sponsor Drive and PR Push from U-Rock Network, LLC
Look we know it takes effort to give money, no matter how small. We just want you to know that every dollar we receive from this link goes right to the operation and not to anyone’s salary.

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