Awesome Interview Tonight with Evan Russell Saffer on Urock Radio

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Awesome Interview Tonight with Evan Russell Saffer on Urock Radio, Check Out Evan’s site and Catch Him Live this Weekend at The Silo in Reading, PA on Sat. nite June 4th.
 This Album is Worth Your Money…. Spend It. Below is a small snippet from Evans Website.
From the grinding yet supremely danceable “Dream of Love”, to floor-it-with-your-head-out-the-window drug anthem “Chemical Marketplace”, the vampire obsessed haunting ode “With You Alone” to the sad but bittersweet optimism of “Just One Day”, the album as a whole reflects a poetic schizophrenia that somehow finds Beauty and the Beast inside Evan Russell Saffer.  ”I spent over a year in the basement before I started sending tracks out into the world and I’m still working on them!  I’ve surrounded myself with musicians and collaborators that have a fresh look on music, people that get my blood pumping every time we’re together, and the no-naysaying-make-it-happen work ethic to help see it through.”
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