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Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, CANADA
Description: littleSUNDAY is the epitome of Canadian rock music: strong rock songs with catchy melodies, powerful vocals and solid song-writing
Biography: In the spring of 2011, littleSUNDAY began work on their newest recording project, ‘’. Described by drummer Eric Bonatti as a ‘labor of love’, the new album is shaping to be a 14 track collection of songs that not only test the band’s versatility in creating `light and shade,’ but more importantly, the new album will showcase the their ability to become story tellers:

“Throughout my musical journey with littleSUNDAY, I had the privilege of meeting many new people. I’d hear their stories about love, loss pain and joy. I kept a personal journal where I reflected on these experiences and realized I had a guide for living life. The morals we learn from real life experiences truly put our personal lives in perspective. I soon became obsessed in sharing them through song. What came next was a collection of music that literally wrote themselves.” (Rick Farrell)
What is On December 1st, 2011, littleSUNDAY released “Panic Room”, a feeler track. Riding on nothing more than positive vibes and a dash of littleSUNDAY DIY magic, the band serviced Panic Room grassroots style, to a handful of radio stations. The response paid off! From Halifax to Vancouver, to Northern Ontario all the way to Southern Texas and Sao Paul, Brazil, Panic Room quickly reached radio station airwaves:

“We never imagined that the song (Panic Room), would create such a high traffic of interest, let alone radio airplay. We must be doing something right after all these years, LOL.” (Mario Stamegna)
What is littleSUNDAY was formed by a twist of events that lead to the ultimate union of its four members. In fairy tale fashion, drummer Eric Bonatti, guitarist JP, and bassist Mario Stamegna discovered their lead vocalist, Rick Farrell, who would became the final and most influential member of the band.
“littleSUNDAY delivers an exciting stage show reminding me of my arena rock heroes of the 70s. Their original sound unquestionably raises the bar of today’s music” (Chris White, Publisher / Party in Kingston)

When people think of York Region musically, they don’t think of hard rock with pounding bass and drums, wailing guitars and vocals that make you pay attention. But, that’s exactly what littleSUNDAY is. They are a straightforward rock band that make most Toronto bands look like amateurs.
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