Black Spiders – Sons Of The North – REVIEW 02.11.2011

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The Black Spiders in my opinion are the best new Rock and Roll band in decades. What makes them so are lyrics that are clear, songs with a great story, guitars that are intense plus drums… and bass work that is amazing, the mood of the entire album is get up and groove.

As I listen continually from beginning to end I am reminded of Motorhead, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Groop Dogdrill, the later because the band’s leader Pete Spiby was the front man for GD.

The opening track on ‘Sons Of The North’ “Stay Down” is a re-recorded version of an earlier release of the song and done well, “Just Like A Women” has a sound that is familiar but unique all it’s own and is the same from the EP “No Goats In The Omen”. “What Good’s Rock Without A Roll”, “St. Peter” and “Medusa’s Eyes” are the final three of the five I would consider singles that should be garnered from this album. “St. Peter” is another song that has been around the Black Spiders cabinet for a while and has been re-recorded to perfection as well.

If you buy just one CD this year, this is the one you should have. The only thing to make this better is putting it on Vinyl.

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