D.R.I. celebrates 28th anniversary!

We would like to wish D.R.I. a happy 28th anniversary! Just think 28 years of thrash/metal; numerous ground breaking albums; helping to start a new genera and influencing millions!

Here is what singer/co founder of D.R.I. Kurt Brecht had to say about this occasion….

If you had asked me 28 years ago, “Where do you see yourself in 28 years?”
I probably would have said, “I don’t know?”
And that is part of the beauty of life. You don’t know…you NEVER know.
Fortunately for D.R.I. we had the freedom to carve out a niche in a place out of bounds for many people, a place on the outskirts of society. We formed a Hardcore band in Houston, Texas, even though it was, at that time, a straight road to poverty.
We took a chance because we all wanted to travel and meet new people. We wanted to play shows with all the bands we listened to and read about but had never seen. We loved the music, the people and the lifestyle. With the help of our fans we accomplished and continue to accomplish our mission on a regular basis.

So check our website for upcoming shows in your area. It has been a busy year for us so far with more shows being added every day. The re-release of Crossover just came out on Beer City Records as well. Thanks for a great 28 years! See You In The Pit!”

Kurt Brecht

Get the following D.R.I. releases on Beer City (all releases also available on iTunes)D.R.I. – The Dirty Rotten E.P. 7″ (Out Next month!)
D.R.I. – The Dirty Rotten LP and CD (LP out next month!)
D.R.I. – Violent Pacification 7″ (Out next month!)
D.R.I. – Live at CBGB’s 1984 CD
D.R.I. – The Dirty Rotten CD
D.R.I. – Dealing With It CD (LP out next month!)
D.R.I. – Crossover LP and CD

Beer City Records bio/mission statement
Going strong since 93 Beer City records was created to put out releases for hardcore,punk and thrash/metal bands plus anything that was (or was once) under the punk umbrella.

Starting by putting out 7″ EP’s and then moving up to full length LP’s and CD’s ; Beer City is now the home to some classic bands such as the legendary D.R.I. , (who started the whole crossover/thrash movement.) Verbal Abuse , The Faction, Toxic Reasons, and recently signed (for a three album deal) new thrash/metal upstarts Head On Collision.

Through their broad knowledge of media and graphic design Beer City has put out some highly impressive CD’s and DVD’s and has many CD/DVD releases planned for the future.

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