U-Rock Daily™

Welcome to the coolest spot on the internet for New Music Discovery. The U-Rock Network™ in operation since 1999 brings you the best Rock and Roll playlist above any available Today. U-Rock™ Today is where we connect fan and affiliate that enjoy New Music Discovery. U-Rock Today delivers weekly features, great bands, places to get down. The U-Rock Network™ provides you this unique access to a network of musicians and fans that are supporting rock and roll.
The Network feed has no preference to style of rock, we cover everything regardless of categorization. You will see articles about indie, punk, garage, revival, 50′, 60’s, 70’s, metal, progressive and styles not mentioned, at any given time. Like we say “If it Rocks, Then we print it.” The U-Rock Today™ was developed to help the very bands we play in rotation on our stations. Local Network affiliates are run by locals who are in the area they are covering. Each affiliate has their own Call-sign and territory. The territory is assigned by the National Association of Digital Broadcasters and the FCC. 
Find the U-Rock Network™ on all the social networking websites promoting the cause. Join us and Like us or tweet us, Pin Us, just drop a line and share your favorite band for us to check out, remember to catch us on the mobile broadband. You can stream from any device, including Apple’s iTunes and Droid, Tune In Now and Enjoy!

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