Playlist Update – Added Some Old Favorites and Unheard

Archive, Rock, rock and roll 30 Apr , 2010 | 3:42 pm | Network

Artist – Track – Album
The Amber Herd – Stagefright
Mardo – Here She Comes – Mardo
Ninehead – Guaranteed – Way Out Of Whack
Shelia Sondergard – Same Ol Bend – Spoke Too Loud

Old Favorites:
The Beat – Don’t Wait Up For Me – Live In Sweden
Molly Hacthet – Flirtin’ With Diaster
Monster Magnet – See You In Hell – Powertrip
Monster Magnet – Spacelord – Powertrip
New Model Army – 51st State – aThe Ghost of Cain
Oleander – I Walk Alone – February Son
One Man Army – All Your Friends – Last Word Spoken
Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart – Singles Soundtrack
Pearl Jam – Green Disease – Riot Act

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For Now Rock On As You Were… More Updates Soon.

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