R5 Updates and Weekends Events

Hellos –

Happy almost Memorial Day! The next few days are totally KILLER here at
R5land. We have a a bunch of awesome shows coming up over the next few
days – so do your self a favor and read about them below in our show
preview section. You need to get familiar with some of these fine new
artists coming to Philadelphia! It all starts tomorrow (Thurs May 27th)
with the first headlining show in Philly for FANG ISLAND at The
Barbary. These guys have been killing it in terms of internets hype and
praise. They play the most fun, awesome, positive party rock music of
2010. They are joined by like minded fellow local band – UNIVOX.
Fun Fang Island factoid : Fang Island guitarist Chris Georges
works/worked at AKA and probably sold you tickets for other r5 shows!
And like all recent Barbary shows – if you are 21+ you can certainly
help yourself to the bar upstairs which is now open for all shows at
The Barbary!

Across town that same evening  (Thurs May 27th) the infamous / legendary metal band GORGUTS play an early evening metal show at Kungfu Necktie with ex-Orthrelm guitarist mastermind Mick Barr’s new band : KRALLICE
(which also features Colin from Behold The Arctopus!) The following
night we start the four day holiday weekend off with a big hometown
summer fun drunk show for FREE ENERGY playing their very first church show on Friday May 28th with fellow Philadelphians JUKEBOX THE GHOST.
Free Energy is like the most perfect band to kick off Memorial Day
Weekend. Support your Philadelphia bands! If lots of cowbell, beer and
vintage rock and roll is NOT your thing than come up to Kungfu Necktie
that same night (Fri May 28th)  for an early evening show with the
looping/sampling genius of TIM FITE who just released a new album on Anti Records.

On Saturday (May 29) we welcome the Canadian Invasion 2010 tour with the sweet jams of BESNARD LAKES and one of the most slept on bands (at least in our opinion) LAND OF TALK.
Both hail from Montreal and both will be playing their precious
Canadian hearts out for you at Johnny Brendas. You can read all about
them below! Good stuff! Apparently we were not happy with just two
Canadian bands at Johnny Brendas this weekend, so the following evening
on Sunday (May 30th) we are bringing you the weirdest most complex
dance party of the spring when THE HOLY F%&K come to town
and pull of their impossible sounding dance jams live in person at
Johnny Brendas. Almost the entire world has off the following day – so
you have no excuse to miss this show!  Rounding out the show is
Philly’s own GRANDCHILDREN and the latest Warp records signee – NICE NICE. It’s our concert pick of the weekend! Great show from start to finish!

We are taking Monday off so we can act like wild maniacs at various
BBQs around town but we calm down and get back to reality for Tuesday
(June 1st) when we welcome Japan’s MONO along with Scotland’s TWILIGHT SAD
playing an awesome / epic double bill at The First Unitarian Church.
Things get much weirder and better that same evening (Tue June 1st)
when we host a rare live appearance for Liz Harris aka GROUPER at The Chapel of The First Unitarian Church. She was last in town opening up for ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
at The Electric Factory. It was kind of a bummer to see her in a space
where a bunch of weird college hippies were yelling, talking and
slamming miller lite during her set – so we hope to make things right
and reset the universe (just like in lost!) with this very special and
intimate appearance. If you are into dark, eerie soundscape drone type
stuff – this show is for you. There are only 9 tickets left so you
better get on those quickly !

A solid six days of awesome bands and shows if I don’t say myself! We
also added a few new shows for the likes of the futuristic hiphop
stylings of EL-P, the what Against Me would sound like if they were still a punk band sounds of DEFIANCE : OHIO. The super hype and praised folk/rock of DEER TICK, the african/rocksteady dub sounds of THE BUSO BAND (signed to Daptone Records! This show will be SICK!) and of course our biggest event of the summer – THE PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET.
Speaking of which in just a day’s time we already sold half of the
table reservations. So if you are interested in selling at the Flea
Market you better get on that quick!

Read below for some in depth info on the bands and visit the website to
actually listen to them. We are in the process of switching streaming
hosts for the MP3s  (now that apple purchased and shut down lala.com –
uggh worst) so the more recently added shows do not have sound clips
for now – but will in a few days!

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1) SHOWS YOU BEST GET TICKETS FOR – AKA : Shows That Are Selling Fast –
Get Tix !

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(no bs –  this isnt trickery – 90% of the shows on this list sellout – believe the

June 1st – Grouper @ The Chapel – Only 10 tickets left!

June 3rd – Stars @ Sanctuary Of The First Unit
Church – Only 22 tickets left!

August 6th – Local Natives @ Sanctuary Of First Unit Church – Only 74 tickets left

September 3rd – Breeders @ The Church – 2/3 of the way sold out!

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SHOW PREVIEWS FOR THIS WEEK – Fang Island / Free Energy / Besnard Lakes & Land Of Talk / Holy F / Mono / Grouper

– – – – – – – – –
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*TOMORROW* Thursday May 27th 7pm

At The Barbary (951 N Frankford Ave – Frankford & Columbus Blvd In Fishtown)

All Ages / $10 / Tickets On Sale At
R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)


As those with ears tuned to the rumblings of the indie-rock scene
already know, Fang Island is perfectly poised to be your new favorite
summer band. The Pitchfork-lauded group (they’ve been labeled "Best New
Music," for what it’s worth) is receiving fawning praise from critics
for their sunny collages of ’80s rock riffs and electro refracted
through shimmery fuzz. The band describes its sound as "everyone
high-fiving everyone else," and as far as their self-titled debut goes,
they’re not wrong. But here’s a tidbit that you won’t glean from
listening to Fang Island’s bubbly, light-hearted album: these guys like
to play loud. Like, balls-to-the-wall, thudding-punk-show loud. These guys have enough energy to make Andrew WK seem like Ben Stein. Every now and then they tap into one of
WK’s righteous guitar riffs (as on “Daisy” and “Welcome Wagon”) and his
power of ultra-positive thinking (they have a tune called “Life
Coach”), but they merge it with infectious Matt & Kim-style
synth-punk and some astounding four-part vocal harmonies that give
Dirty Projectors a run for their money

The social networking analytics site Next Big Sound has released its
findings re: the most buzzed band from SXSW (just a few weeks ago) and
Fang Island had the biggest/fastest "Growth". We’ll there ya go. So see
them now before everyone turns on them and you have to act all jaded
and bitter for when they become popular!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*THIS* Friday May 28th 7:30pm

At The First Unitarian Church
(2125 Chestnut St – 22nd & Chestnut Sts)
All Ages / $10 adv – $12 dos / Tickets On Sale At
R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)


Every once in a while, a band comes along that completely refreshes how
you think about bands. What it’s doing seems entirely new and fresh,
dangerously daring and brash, a new landscape forming on terrain that’s
become monotonous. Nothing, you think, will ever be the same. Free
Energy, rather unashamedly, is NOT one of those bands.

Our hometown boys, signed to the DFA label, settle for excellence in
the rather malleable and well-worn field of vintage rock & roll,
riding the kind of guitar riffs and infectious hooks that spring up on
summer playlists organically. Lyrically, frontman Paul Springers
appeals to youthful exuberance; on songs like “Dream City,” he sings,
“Hey, we’re coming out / Kids across town / Dream like there’s nothing
to scream about”—a plea to party, almost. The rest of the crew flashes
an excellent balance of elements: sharp guitar lines, an extremely
steady low end, lively solos that don’t overreach with plenty of

Like an inward dive off a springboard into a pool, the concept is
simple; success is in the execution. And even though some of Free
Energy’s devices could easily be misunderstood as cliché, the group’s
debut, Stuck on Nothing, showcases its strengths and the ample space
that the band allows the songs to dwell in. Bottom line, Free Energy’s
music is just plain catchy, and as witnessed in countless shows in
Philly, that quality comes across live. Sure, innovation is a noble
standard, but when a throwback is this enjoyable, having your mind
blown is overrated.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*THIS* Sunday May 29th 9:00pm

At Johnny Brendas (1201 N Frankford Ave – Frankford & Girard Ave In Fishtown)

21+ / $10 adv – $12 dos / Tickets On Sale At
R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)


In the future when robots have LCD screens
for faces, here’s what will beam up when a droid is plugged into a
Besnard Lakes track: "aaaargtdrgdkfjbgdfkjghfdkjghdf!!!"  (You can
thank us later for this prediction.) We’re being facetious, but any
music lover will know that feeling—when you’re at a show, and the
mighty power of the music blows your fuses. If this sounds like a fun
way to spend an evening, you’d do well to check out this Montreal

Signed to Jagjaguwar, a label that seems to have a monopoly on all the
most interesting bands right now, the Besnard Lakes are based around
husband-and-wife duo Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas. The group has been
perfecting its heavy, gorgeous, squally sound over the course of three
albums, the latest of which is The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night.
In the past, the BLs have worked with fellow Canadians Godspeed You!
Black Emperor and Silver Mt. Zion, and there’s certainly a post-rockist
vibe in epic, questing songs with very long titles like “Land of Living
Skies Pt. 1: The Land.” But for a lot of people (aka girls!), there’s
only so far you can go without vocals, and Besnard Lakes songs are
buoyed by Beach Boys–style harmonies and arms-in-the-air choruses—amped
up in live shows. In sum, if you’ve the slightest affection for vast,
open plains and star-crowded night skies, there’s every chance that the
Besnard Lakes will plug directly into your emotional circuits.

CO-heading with Besnard Lake is LAND OF TALK ! Who to us sound like a
90s throw back to gal bands like Veruca Salt, Elastica and Garbage etc
. They pack each of these seven songs with edgy energy, crunchy guitars
and vibrant female vocals. Good good good!  In a perfect world, these
guys would rule Canada’s indie landscape with an iron fist. Yet their
career remains a waltz around success – ”for every mammoth step forward
the band takes (getting signed to Saddle Creek), sudden tragedy forces
them to take a step backwards. In recent years, the stumbling block has
been front woman Liz Powell’s battle with throat surgery. Her fiery
yelp is the centerpiece of the band and it burns insouciantly through
the group’s harder tracks. Ohh and buy enough merch to help Powell quit
her second job: A pinch hitter for Broken Social Scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*THIS* Monday May 30th 8:00pm

At Johnny Brendas (1201 N Frankford Ave – Frankford & Girard Ave In Fishtown)

21+ / $12 / Tickets On Sale At
R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)


It’s been a while since we heard from Holy F*$k, we love their swirling
mash up of blown out loops, space krauty synths, fuzzy bass and
fractured beats, and it seems like maybe things have gotten even more
twisted and far out on this latest. Despite being a real deal legit
LIVE band (aka no samples)  their music sounds created, not played,
which is quite the impressive task.  There’s an element of lurch and
stutter, the sounds are jagged and not entirely smooth, occasionally
locking into parts that almost sound like skipping cds, peppered with
little shards of glitch and squelch.

And that’s sort of the way their latest record plays out – fuzzy, synth
heavy grooves, that sound a bit motorik, a bit spaced out, super
propulsive, and heavy in their own way, sometime slipping into almost
jazzy sounding post rock, a la Tortoise, but laced with subtle
electronics and production weirdness. There’s definitely a pop element,
as well as a space age bachelor pad vibe too, a la Stereolab, and
tracks like "Silva & Grimes" are total krautrock Neu! worship,
repetitive and hypnotic, swirling synths and clouds of distorted buzz
wrapped around total head nodding beats, and while those elements
inform the rest of the record there’s also plenty of big block rocking
beats, Daft Punk style synth wave, lo-fi electronic skitter and crunch,
and a closing jam that’s like some super cool eighties new wave jam,
super charged and doused in crumbling distorted synths and buried blown
out beats.

Watching them pull it off live is even more impressive. These guys will
certainly put on what is the weirdo dance party of the year this Monday
at JBs!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*THIS* Tuesday June 1st 8:00pm

At The First Unitarian Church
(2125 Chestnut St – 22nd & Chestnut Sts)
All Ages / $13 / Tickets On Sale At
R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)


With all the talk of metallic post rock, or post metal, or whatever,
bands like Isis and Pelican and the Grails anda bunch of others always
get referenced, but it seems like folks forget about Japan’s Mono, who
traverse similar sonic territory, but in many ways do it a whole lot
better.   The thing with Mono, sure their loping moody post rock
soundscapes are gorgeous, expansive and epic, they definitely hold
their moody melancholy own in the esteemed company of bands like Mogwai
and Godspeed and Explosions In The Sky, but they make that sound their
own, steeped with emotion, gorgeous melodies, and deft arrangements,
but where they really shine is in the heavy parts, they don’t just get
louder, and they don’t just unleash big downtuned riffs, they EXPLODE
into dense swaths of noisy fury, often drawn out into length stretches
of swirling static and glitchy crunchy white noise, dizzying and
gloriously suffocating.

Songs  often begin in quiet but jangly mathy workout, building into a
full on fury, with the drums crumbling into clouds of cymbal sizzle,
the guitars becoming jagged shards, enormous cresting waves of feedback
swallowing everything whole, abrasive and intense, caustic and
furiously fiery, sounding a bit like maybe Merzbow got a hold of the
tapes. The guitars to spill out of the amps like thick black pools of
sound, but always to be deftly drawn back in by some gorgeous spidery
guitar line, or simple soft melody.

And while they definitely tend toward the loping and melodic, the drawn
out and pretty, and don’t get us wrong, a whole show of  Mono’s dreamy
moodiness would suit us just fine, it’s the band’s ability to simply
destroy, to musically torch everything within sight, to turn guitars
and drums into incendiary devices, all without ever completely letting
the song crumble into chaos, always eventually finding their way back
to a place of beauty and melody, that really makes Mono so special.

Opening the show is TWILIGHT SAD a U.K. act with dark brooding
guitars to match the lyrical gloom. As their moniker suggests, frontman
James Graham’s Scottish brogue is enveloped in foreboding black clouds
of stormy six-string throb. The bleak air of Joy Division lingers like
sulfur. While the Glasgow quartet possess the kind of temperamental
cinematic sweep you’d expect from British Sea Power or South, rather
than keyboards it’s subsumed in swells of noisy post-punk guitar
reminiscent of Silkwormand Unwound. The hooks are
surprisingly strong and evocative, particularly on last year’s third
full-length, Forget the Night Ahead, showcasing their most fully
realized effort and their most consistently, convincingly prickly
guitar ton

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

3) COMPLETE SHOW CALENDAR FOR 2010 – Upcoming Shows For The Next Eight Weeks & Beyond !

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


New Shows Added To The List This Week :

Sat Jun 12 – Defiance Ohio / Mischief Brew / Mirrors & Wires @ First Unit Church

Wed Jul 14 – El-P @ Johnny Brendas

Wed Jul 14 – Mammoth Grinder / Magrudergrind / Coke Bust / Lewd Acts @ The Barbary

Tue Jul 20 – Deer Tick / Wye Oak @ Johnny Brendas

Wed Jul 21 – Budos Band @ Johnny Brendas

Wed Jul 21 – Steel Train / Girl In A Coma @ First Unitarian Church

Sat Jul 24 – Next Step Up / Shattered Realm / Billy Club Sandwhich @ The Barbary

Sun July 25 – Punk Rock Flea Market – Summer Edition @ The PRFM Dome


Bands Added To Shows This Week :

Tue Jun 1 – ((( Taco ))) added to Grouper show @ Chapel of First Unit Church

Wed Jun 9 – Peasant / She Keeps Bees added to Peggy Sue show @ Johnny Brendas

Sat Jun 10 – Hundred In The Hands added to Golden Filter show @ Kungfu Necktie

Tue July 13 – Hate Your Guys and Voss added to Cage @ First Unit Church

Bands/Shows Added Last Week :

Sun May 30 – Grandchildren added to Holy F#&k @ Johnny Brendas

Fri Jun 4 – Million Young / Pilot Cloud @ Kungfu Necktie

Sat Jun 5 – Thinking Machines added to Mercury Program @ Kungfu Necktie

Sat Jun 12 – Friendo / Yourself & The Air @ Kungfu Necktie

Sat Jun 19 – Grey Area / Lighten Up @ The Barbary

Sat Jun 19 – Golden Filter @ Kungfu Necktie

Sun Jun 20 – Ceremony / Skin Like Iron @ The Barbary

Tue Jun 22 – Villagers @ Side Chapel Of First Unit Church

Fri Jun 25 – Floor / Gods & Queens / Javelina @ The First Unit Church

Fri Jun 25 – Bastard Noise / Total F’n Destruction / Mancruel @ Kungfu Necktie

Sat Jun 26 – Moon Women added to Wavves @ Barbary

Sat Jun 26 – Sweatheart added to Men @ Kungfu Necktie

Wed Jun 30 – Islands / Steel Phantoms @ The Barbary

Fri Jul 2 – Delta Spirit / Ezra Furman & The Harpoons / The Romany Rye @ The First Unit Church

Sat Jul 3 – Terror / Foundation / Down To Nothing / Bracewar @ The Barbary

Tue Jul 6 – Unrest / The Ropers / Kevin Baker @ Johnny Brendas

Tue Jul 6 – Coliseum / Fight Amp / Burning Love / Halo Of Snakes @ The Barbary

Wed Jul 7 – Jeremy Jay @ Kungfu Necktie

Fri Jul 9 – Tigersapien / Machinedrum @ Kungfu Necktie

Fri Jul 9 – Katzenjammer @ Johnny Brendas

Sun Jul 11 – Kurt Vile / Real Estate @ Johnny Brendas

Tue Jul 13 – Cage @ The First Unit Church

Fri Jul 16 – Kid Sister @ Johnny Brendas



*TOMORROW* Thursday May 27th

Fang Island / Univox @ The Barbary (7pm/$10)

Gorguts / Kralice / Portal @ Kungfu Necktie (6pm/$10)


*THIS* Friday May 28th

Tim Fite / Wailing Wall @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$8)

Free Energy / Jukebox The Ghost / Miniature Tigers @ First Unit Church (7:30/$10)


*THIS* Saturday May 29th

The Besnard Lakes / Land Of Talk / Holowpaw @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$10)


*THIS* Sunday May 30th

Holy F&#k / Nice Nice / Grandchildren @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$12)


*THIS* Tuesday June 1st

Mono / Twilight Sad @ The First Unit Church (8pm/$13)

Grouper / ((( Taco ))) @ The Side Chapel of The First Unit Church (8pm/$13)


*NEXT* Wednesday June 2nd

The Futureheads / The Like @ First Unit Church (8pm/$13)

Blue Rodeo / Cuff The Duke @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$20)

Lemuria / Amateur Party / Great Explorere @ The Barbary (6pm/$10)


*NEXT* Thursday June 3rd

Stars / Dead Star Child @ The Sanctuary Of The First Unit Church  (8pm/$20)

Athlete / Carney @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$12)

Greg Attonito (Bouncing Souls) / Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) / Kepi Ghoulie @ The Barbary (6:30pm/$8)

*NEXT* Friday June 4th

Matt Pond PA / Wintersleep @ First Unit Church (8pm/$12)

Million Young / Pilot Cloud @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$10)

*NEXT* Saturday June 5th

Mercury Program / Fin Fang Foom / Thinking Machines @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$10)


*NEXT* Sunday June 6th

Haste The Day / Children My Bride / Upon A Burning Body @ First Unit Church (6pm/$12)

Tuesday June 8th

Dutch / Vespertina / DJ Stoupe (from Jedi Mind Tricks) @ Kungfu Necktie (8pm/$10)

Plants & Animals / Lost In The Trees @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$10)


Wednesday June 9th

Peggy Sue / Peasant / She Keeps Bees @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$8)

Thursday June 10th

Quintron / Jeff The Brotherhood / Buoyant Sea @ The Barbary (6pm/$10)


Friday June 11th

Eyehategod / Brutal Truth / Nachtmystium / Black Anvil / Tombs @ First Unit Church (7pm/$20)

This Will Destroy You / Light Pollution / Slow Six @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30/$10)

Saturday June 12th

Defiance Ohio / Mischief Brew / Mirrors & Wires @ First Unit Church (3pm/$10)

Friendo / Yourself & The Air @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$10)

Sunday June 13th

World Burns To Death / Blacklisted / Slang / Blood Bomber @ First Unit Church (6pm/$10)


Tuesday June 15th

Blitzen Trapper / The Moondoggies @ The Trocadero (8pm/$15)


Wednesday June 16th

Imelda May / April Mae & The June Bugs @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$12)


Thursday June 17th

Mates Of State / Todd Barry / Suckers @ The First Unit Church (8pm/$14)

Pissed Jeans / Eddy Current Supression Ring / Pop 1280 (9pm/$10)


Friday June 18th

Josiah Wolf / Chocolate Horse @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$10)


Saturday June 19th

Damien Jurardo / Kay Kay & His Weather Underground @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$10)

Grey Area / Lighten Up / Static Radio @ The Barbary (6pm/$12)

Golden Filter @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$10)

Sunday June 20th

Ceremony / Skin Like Iron @ The Barbary (3pm/$10)


Monday June 21st

Mirah & Thao w/ The Most Of All (Mirah and Thao playing together) @ First Unit Church (8pm/$13)

Tuesday June 22nd

Health / Indian Jewelry / Gold Panda @ First Unit Church (7:30pm/$12)

Frog Eyes / Br’er / Beach Fossils / Pearly Gates @ Kungfu Necktie (8pm/$10)

Villagers @ Side Chapel Of The First Unit Church (8pm/$10)

Fri June 25th

Bastard Noise / Total Fucking Destruction / Mancruel @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30/$10)

Floor / Gods & Queens / Javelina @ The First Unit Church (7:30pm/$13)


Saturday June 26th

Floorpunch / Mother Of Mercy / The Rival Mob / Bitter End @ The First Unit Church (3pm/$12)

Wavves / Cloud Nothings / Moon Women @ The Barbary (6:30pm/$12)

Men / Sweatheart / Sgt Sass @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$12)


Sunday June 27th

Passion Pit / Tokyo Police Club @ Mann Music Center (6pm/$26.50)

Wednesday June 30th

Islands / Steel Phantoms @ The Barbary (6:30pm/$12)

Friday July 2nd

Delta Spirit / Ezra Furman & The Harpoons / The Romany Rye @ The First Unit Church (8pm/$13)

Saturday July 3rd

Terror / Foundation / Down To Nothing / Bracewar @ The Barbary (3pm/$12)

Tuesday July 6th

Unrest / The Ropers / Kevin Baker @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$15)

Coliseum / Fight Amp / Burning Love @ The Barbary (7pm/$10)

Wednesday July 7th

Jeremy Jay @ Kungfu Necktie (8pm/$10)

Friday July 9th

Tigersapien / Machinedrum @ Kungfu Necktie (7:30pm/$10)

Katzenjammer @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$10)

Sunday July 11th

Kurt Vile / Real Estate @ Johnny Brendas (8pm/$12)

Tuesday July 13th

Cage / Hate Your Guts / Voss @ The First Unit Church (8pm/$13)

Wednesday July 14th

El-P @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$17)

Mammoth Grinder / Magrudergrind / Coke Bust / Lewd Acts @ The Barbary (6pm/$10)

Friday July 16th

Kid Sister @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$15)

Tuesday July 20th

Deer Tick / Wye Oak @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$12)

Wednesday July 21st

Budos Band @ Johnny Brendas (9pm/$12)

Steel Train / Girl In A Coma @ First Unitarian Church (7pm/$12)

Saturday July 24th

Next Step Up / Shattered Realm / Billy Club Sandwhich @ The Barbary (3pm/$10)

Cap N Jazz / Gauge @ Starlight Ballroom (7:30pm/Sold Out)

Sunday July 25th

Punk Rock Flea Market – Summer Edition @ The Punk Rock Flea Market Dome (10am/$3)

And that’s all for this week. Hope to see you soon!



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