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Hellos –
Quick reminder for this weekend’s shows along with a few small previews. Full new newsletter on Monday which will contain THE DETAILS FOR THE PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET (we had to change dates so many time – fully story on Monday!)

Tonight we have shows for Brooklyn’s own super cool pop/ noise trio PARTS & LABOR playing along with MARY TIMONY’s (you know from Helium) new band SOFT POWER at Kungfu Necktie. At The Church we have CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR. Both shows start early – so dont be too cool arriving all late.

On Saturday we have a early afternoon matinee with one of the best pop punk-ish bands of the early 2000’s – SMALL BROWN BIKE coming around these parts on a reunion tour. Later that evening at Johnny Brendas we welcome the critically acclaimed UK folk singer/songwriter – LAURA MARLING. Tickets are half way gone for that one – so it might be a good idea to get them in advance (or show up on time!)

On Sunday we host and say goodbye our local pop punk pals THE WONDER YEARS who are about to go on a three month tour of the US. Wish them well!

Finally on Monday we welcome THEE SILVER MT ZION ORCHESTRA. We imagine you know the deal by now. Featuring a bunch of guys and gals from the about to be reunited GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR. ASMZ have sort of taken over as the flagship band of the Constellation Label (and rightfully so!). These guys are one of the few bands that “get it” when it comes to labels, music, ethics and punk in 2010. They’ll be playing in The Sanctuary Of The First Unitarian Church. Don’t sleep on them!

Mini-previews for most of the shows are below !

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2) SHOW PREVIEWS FOR THIS WEEK – Laura Marling * Thee Silver Mt Zion Orchestra * Parts & Labor
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*TONIGHT * Friday May 14th 7:30pm – New Music For Cheap !
At Kungfu Necktie (1248 N Front Street – Front & Thompson Sts In Fishtown)
21+ / $10 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)

Parts & Labor formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, NY and has since toured with other bands such as Battles, TV on the Radio, Deerhoof, Matt & Kim etc. They first started off as a pretty harsh and aggressive noisy band but have since dramatically altered their wall-of-sound: Their fourth album, Receivers, finds P&L focusing on open spaces, longer movements, expansive arrangements and loftier goals. On eight epic tracks, Receivers showcases the band’s catchiest and darkest moods to date, reveling in a growing dynamic sensibility only hinted at in their previous work. Though they’ve maintained their love affair with glitchy oscillations and anthemic vocals, they are now utilizing the full possibilities of a band that was once a scrappy punk trio, and now a mature art-rock quartet. It’s a heady mix of psych, noise, and pop influenced by the arty minimalism of Wire, the surreal pop of early Eno, and even the spaced out psychedelia of Dark Side-era Pink Floyd. Highly Recommended !
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*THIS* Saturday May 15th 8:00pm

At Johnny Brendas (1201 N Frankford Ave – Frankford & Girard Sts – Fishtown)

21+ / $15 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)

Laura Marling is very much the doyenne of the UK new folk movement, already seemingly with a pedigree that defies her young year (she is only 20 years old!). Originally with indie folk outfit Noah and The Whale, Marling split from the band before their first album release and produced a solo 2008 debut, Alas I Cannot Swim, which brought along a UK Mercury Prize nomination and set seasoned music journos eulogizing. That album was produced by her ex, Noah and The Whale’s singer-guitarist, Charlie Fink, and as the subsequent partner of Marcus Mumford for the past year or so, Marling clearly likes to keep it in the folk family. Vocally, Marling has a transatlantic tone to her delivery which, if you don’t know her, could make her believably New World, rather than southern English. She can sound like Joni Mitchell, she can come across as a female Dylan, each the company of legends you can live with, but mostly she sounds like Laura Marling, which is how it should be. The variety of delivery she employs is just right, often quiet, assured and never overblown, yet ever capable of sudden, strong bursts of great emotion. The melodies are richly compelling and freshly served. A quieter song follows a more strident one, urgent banjo gives way to gentle acoustic, so it’s like visiting a large house with quite different rooms, all connected but with their particular moods and tones. There are more sweets here than in a candy store, and some of them are unexpectedly bitter-sweet. With I Speak Because I Can, Laura Marling has swerved the dreaded second album syndrome and smacked it between the posts with a genuine, heartfelt flourish. Do not miss her live!
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*THIS* Monday May 17th 8:00pm

At The First Unitarian Church Sanctuary (2125 Chestnut St – 22nd & Chestnut Sts)
All Ages / $14 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com and AKA Music (27 N 2nd Street)

Tenn years ago, Thee Silver Mt. Zion appeared as one of many satellite projects orbiting around the Godspeed You! Black Emperor mothership, alongside fellow offshoot acts like Fly Pan Am and 1-Speed Bike. Today, it has supplanted the long-dormant godspeed as Constellation Records’ flagship act– not just in terms of popularity or acclaim, but as outspoken exemplars of the label’s uncompromised business ethics. That outcome, however, seems less the product of a grand master plan– as legend has it, the band was originally formed by Godspeed’s Efrim Menuck, Sophie Trudeau, and Thierry Amar to pay musical tribute to Menuck’s recently deceased dog– than part of a dutiful obligation to fill an ideological void in underground rock culture. Over the course of a decade when Fugazi fell silent, Touch and Go Records shut down, and indie rock became a music-supervision goldmine, Thee Silver Mt. Zion have incrementally evolved from a meditative, mostly instrumental orchestro-folk ensemble into an imposingly heavy, politically enraged rock band, with Menuck emerging as the most seething, peculiar agit-punk mouthpiece since Guy Picciotto.

Naturally, not all of TSMZ’s early adopters have been eager to follow the band’s transformation into psych-metal curmudgeons– 2008’s mordantly hostile 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons was the band’s most divisive release. But their latest album just released a few months ago – Kollaps Tradixionales makes no apologies for this shift, but it does defuse 13 Blues’ sometimes oppressive air by reconciling the band’s current incarnation with its more graceful earlier output. Because, for all the change that TSMZ have undergone in the past 10 years, their music remains rooted in the ideology of perseverance in a cruel world. That quality is reflected in the band’s collaborations with various veteran outsiders (Patti Smith, Grant Hart, the late Vic Chesnutt), and in Menuck’s own torn and frayed voice. And in that, it’s hard not to draw parallels with TSMZ’s own course– an autonomous rock band trying to assert its ethics, ideals, and political will in an indie rock culture that seems to value those principles less and less with each passing year

Hope to see you this weekend !

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