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Hellos –
First off thanks to everyone who came out to a show last week! It was crazy with 8 sold out shows! I think that’s some sort of record for us. No time to slow down as we have eight more shows over the next five days. Including four shwos just tomorrow! We have a few mini-previews for this week’s shows below. As always you can listen to sound clips online at r5productions.com
It all starts with tomorrow’s much anticipated metal show with HIGH ON FIRE playing their first proper headlining show in quite sometime at The First Unit Church. Across town we get brutal but in an entirely different way as Norway’s SERENA MANEESH comes to town in support of their new album on 4AD. Around the corner at Johnny Brenda’s TIM BARRY from AVAIL plays a solo show. We learned that he lives in a shed with no electricity. That is weird.
On Wednesday we welcome our longtime friends TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS who just released their new album on Matador. They’ll be playing an extra long set of "all the hits plus the new ones." With the longer set we are keeping it to just one opener, but what an opener…OBITS the new band from former Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes frontman Rick Froberg play their first all ages show in Philly. There are only 100 tickets left for this show – so we recommend getting those ASAP! That same evening LA via Brooklyn via Philadelphia duo HIGH PLACES come to town at Kungfu Necktie. These guys made a big splash two years ago with their "Best New Music" anointed album. They just released a new collection of tunes on Thrill Jockey (bonus points : Robb from High Places used to set up hardcore shows at the church and a few other philly places!). They are joined by Philly favs THE
On Thursday we have what will be our funniest, weirdest most entertaining show of the week when the US AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIP rolls into town. 10+ air guitar’ers from Philly will perform with the winner moving on to the national championship. Come out and root for your favorites. The local judges include famed punk and hardcore promoters JOE HARDCORE and TONY POINTLESS! How is this not going to be the most crazy/ridiculous thing ever…I believe there are only 3 available slots left – so if you want to perform , make sure you sign up ASAP!
Finally on Friday we get psychedelic as shit when Japan’s almighty ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE make their return to Philadelphia at Johnny Brendas. I have no idea if they have a new record or not because they release about 26 a year. But I do know they bring one of the best, most fun live shows. 2+ hrs of the most crazy guitar riffage and freak out. You’ll probably see them in the used vinyl stores the day of the show cause these guys spend like $200 each on records every time they come to Philly.
We hope to see you at some point this week !
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2) SHOW PREVIEWS FOR THIS WEEK – High On Fire / Serena Maneesh / Ted Leo & Obits / Air Guitar / High Places / Acid Mothers

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*TOMORROW* Tuesday April 6th 7:00pm

At The First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut Street – 22nd & Chestnut)

All Ages / $15 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com & AKA Music (2nd And Market)


Woah- over the weekend it was announced that HIGH ON FIRE would be joining METALLICA on their upcoming European tour. Pretty crazy! High on Fire’s penchant for pummeling rhythms, rapidfire riffs and gruff vocals in a style that could soundtrack a pillaging has won them numerous accolades since the band formed out of the uncertainty of Sleep. But where High on Fire have typically distanced themselves from colleagues has been on the stage where they are an aural tour de force. The Oakland trio led by Matt Pike, who apparently never wears shirts on a stage, carries a tremendous presence with them when in front of an audience. Aside from some classic heavy metal stage moves (headbanging while playing guitar vertically, grand posing on stage monitors, etc.), they don’t really do a whole lot, but still command undivided attention, as long as you’re one of those people not fearing for your safety at the edges of the pit. Pike is a titan with his
growling and musicianship in top form.  It really sounds like these guys are beating the bejesus out of their instruments, and not just the drums. It’s like an angry, aggro version of Sleep, really. And more than ever, this is somehow sludgily reminiscent of the underground metal thrash of a decade or 15 years ago…I’m hearing Nuclear Assault, Laaz Rockit, Exodus, and oh yeah, Slayer!! Expect a decent offering of new songs from their just released album along with more than half of the set consisting of the "old hits"
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*TOMORROW* Tuesday April 6th 8:00pm

At Kungfu Necktie (1248 N Front St – Front & Thompson Sts – Fishtown)

21+ / $10 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com & AKA Music (2nd And Market)


Serena Maneesh band proudly flies the shoegaze flag, their blend of loud yet lulling guitars and electronic ambiance picking up the U.K. tradition of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. The band is brainchild of band leader Emil Nikolaisen who spent most of the 90s moving between Norwegian bands across the metal, punk and jangly indie spectrum. Since the early 2000s he has been more settled, focusing on Serena-Maneesh. The Norwegians, after a few short american tours and a "Best New Music" are now on album number three and signed to 4AD, deliver a crushingly loud take on shoegaze that goes far beyond the normal boundaries of that often narrowly defined genre.
Despite being recorded in a cave outside Oslo (“it looked like a refugee hideout from World War II, with a huge, undiscovered treasure of sound”), their new album – “No.2: Abyss In B Minor” sounds meticulously produced. It possesses a thrilling sonic grandeur that actually meets the grandiose claims implied in the album title without ever being over-blown or pretentious. Occasionally the shimmer can drift on too much or the visceral pummelling of the rhythm section might be too many rounds in the ring for some. But the band sensibly keep the album to a fleet-of-foot 39 minutes.  If shoegaze is an off-putting term or genre, don’t let it stop you from listening to them – Serena-Maneesh have created a loud, abrasive, rousing sound with greater ambitions and appeal than that narrow and unhelpful label of "shoegaze" suggests; and one that will engage metal and
art-rock fans as much as devotees of Ride and Chapterhouse.

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*THIS* Wednesday April 7th 8:00pm

At The First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut Street – 22nd & Chestnut)

All Ages / $14 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com & AKA Music (2nd And Market)


I feel like we have written about Ted almost more than any other artist. Here it goes one more time for those not in the know : Following the demise of the influential pop-punk band Chisel, Ted Leo embarked on what began as an experimental solo career. His 1999 debut with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists fused punk, reggae and dub music, but he’s gone in several other directions since. With the help of a full band, he’s crafted a contagious and infectious sound that also incorporates pop, rock, soul, folk and more. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists (featuring Philly’s own Chris Wilson!) play with the passion of a thousand basement shows (they even booked a secret show at The Terrordome but it was canceled), but small details aren’t overlooked in the heat of the moment. Verses align seamlessly with choruses and turn smoothly into understated bridges. Acoustic guitars are laced into the mix, and bouncy drum fills jump from left channel to right, making for a
panoramic rock experience. One of our favorite artists EVER
Opening the show is OBITS. Featuring the vocal and guitar stylings of one Rick Froberg from Drive Likr Jehu and Hot Snakes. Obits on first listen do in fact sound quite a bit like the Hot Snakes, but this is altogether something new, a bit more refined and perhaps, a little like an older wiser Hot Snakes maybe? Where the Hot Snakes were all pent up aggression, and wild thrashing garage stomp, the Obits traffic in something much more measured, but no less rocking. Still garage-y and super stomping, but tighter, more varied. Froberg sings as much as he howls and wails, the guitars here don’t just crash and clang, they shimmer and twang, there’s definitely a surf element, the drums crisp and tight, the guitars spidery and crystalline more than crunchy and heavy. So kick ass and energetic, and so so tight, taking that garage rock thing they have down pat and adding in all sorts of unlikely -other- stuff, some Beefheart bits, plenty of Mudhoney rawk
swagger, but all filtered through the Obits unique take on rock and roll, and that’s basically what this is, rock and roll, not punk rock, not post punk, not post rock. Just rock, or okay, maybe RAWK. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of any of Froberg’s bands, especially Hot Snakes, this will definitely hit the spot. But even if you don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, Jehu this, Hot Snakes that, as long as you’re into bad ass rock and roll, groovy garage, indie jangle, or any combination thereof, you should definitely check these guys out.
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*THIS* Wednesday April 7th 8:00pm

At Kungfu Necktie (1248 N Front St – Front & Thompson Sts – Fishtown)

21+ / $10 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com & AKA Music (2nd And Market)

The arrival of the sophomore album from former Brooklyn kids (and current LA residents) High Places is cause for no small amount of celebration. The duo’s eponymous debut showcased an impressively assured handle on minimalist pop and experimental beat-shaping, and this follow-up  raises the stakes accordingly. It becomes apparent during opening track that High Places have developed their sound considerably since last we heard from them. Muted guitar riffs join with skittering drum beats for a piece of avant-disco that seems to marry the glo-fi dancefloor loveliness of Italians Do It Better with a more experimental, Animal Collective-styled approach to leftfield pop music. Mary Pearson’s vocals are sublimely lovely here, harmonising waifishly during choruses whilst taking a pronounced and confident lead through the verses. It’s a sound that works brilliantly. High Places are sounding like an increasingly impressive force.

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*THIS* Thursday April 8th 9:00pm

At Johnny Brendas (1201 N Frankford Ave – Frankford & Girard – Fishtown)

21+ / $10 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com & AKA Music (2nd And Market)


R5 is bringing The Official US Air Guitar Championships to Philadelphia. We are looking for the best Air Guitarists in town to represent Philly in the National Championships. One winner from this competition, and one from each of the 15 other cities where USAG is holding regional competitions, will be flown to New York City in July to compete in the Air Guitar National Finals for the crown of US Air Guitar Champion. The Winner of the National Finals will become The 2010 US Champion, and will win a trip to Oulu, Finland in August to represent the USA in the Air Guitar World Championships, where he or she will represent the stars and stripes against national champions from 20 other countries all around the world.

Everyone in town is encouraged to either sign up and compete, and to come down and see for themselves what kind of Air Guitar talent Philly has to offer. Each US Regional will each consist of two rounds. In Round 1, each competitor performs to a song of their own choosing. In Round 2, the top competitors from Round 1 perform to a surprise compulsory song. In each round, contestants perform for one minute of a song and are judged on a combination of technical merit, stage presence, and “airness." All guitars must be invisible. For Philadelphia the judges include TONY POINTLESS and JOE HARDCORE.  The results of the jury cannot be protested!  This is going to be a really fun, dumb, awesome night!

To Sign Up To Perform At The Philadelphia Show and win a trip to Finaland (there are only 4 spots left!) Visit :


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*THIS* Friday April 9th 9:00pm

At Johnny Brendas (1201 N Frankford Ave – Frankford & Girard – Fishtown)

21+ / $12 / Tickets On Sale At R5Productions.com & AKA Music (2nd And Market)

One of the most important and prolific groups from the Japanese underground rock scene, Acid Mothers Temple and its many offshoots and permutation stand at the forefront of modern global psychedelia. Led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto since he founded the collective in the 1990s, AMT has churned out a remarkable number of live and studio recordings that explore a mind-bending range of sounds. Drawing inspiration from ’60s psychedelic sounds as well as the krautrock and progressive hard-rock bands of the ’70s — particularly Can and British experimentalists Gong — Makoto and his loose cadre of musicians have build a reputation for their epic guitar freakouts and transcendent live performances. Regardless of the material the band chooses to perform at a given show, you can count on lots of utter cosmic weirdness, with nods to prog-rock (think King Crimson, Hawkwind), meditation, and space.

Acid Mothers Temple has made Philadelphia a regular stop on its North American tours, building a loyal local following that should turn out in numbers for another mind-flaying evening of heavy sonic experimentation. No drugs are necessary to feel altered at a show by the long-running Japanese "extreme trip" outfit. Just reading through the names of their more than 50 albums will start to make you lose touch with reality: "Starless and Bible Black Sabbath," "Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars," "Hypnotic Liquid Machine From the Golden Utopia" and "St. Captain Freakout and the Magic Bamboo Request" are just a few of the intentionally out-there titles. That’s nothing compared to the music which creates swirling vapor clouds of impossibly dense riffs, oscillating synthesizers, droning vocals and tape edits that has even the most committed of collectors scrambling to keep up. Friday night’s show
at JBs will contain all these things and more !

See you at one or more of the shows!!!!


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