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Original Rock music considered for Urock Radio Playlist

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Fill out our submission from and send us 3 Original Rock tracks that you think are good enough to be added to The U-Rock Network Radio Feed.

We are in the business of Original Rock. We have been supporting the scene since 1999 broadcasting the best Original Rock we can find on the internet.

If your Original Rock is added to the Playlist on U-Rock Radio, your Original Rock will be added to the Archive library. The Library is where all the Original Rock songs are available for broadcast and can be requested or dedicated on Facebook to a group or individual. These Original Rock tracks are also available to our affiliate network who promote Original Rock. Further your band, or artist will be featured and promoted on Urock.Today which is the online outlet for U-Rock Radio & U-Rock Network affiliates an the audio magazine to hear the best new music first being created today.

The U-Rock Network is an unique group of music supporters that know up and coming music and can spot bands that can write a song or two. You will find more new music than on any other network broadcasting as long period. U-Rock.Today is the place to get news, our U-Rock Daily tab is updated twice a day & serves as the Affiliates outlet. They deliver local news updates to the network news for broadcast.

U-Rock Radio affiliates cover great rock music overlooked and long forgotten by marketing fads!! U-Rock Radio carries no preferences to style of rock, It can be metal, progressive, indie, punk, garage, revival, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, Like we said if it Rocks, Then we play it!

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