The Black Spiders Rule!!!!

Black Spiders They descended from the land of ice and snow, forged on anvils by the hammers of the Gods……………

Black Spiders, originally put together to celebrate the passing of a dear friend and to tear up some classic rock n’ roll tunes in his honour, led by Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby with side-kick Ozzy ‘Ozzy’ Lister they set about writing tall tales and wrestling monstrous riffs. Thusly, and with great determination they began demoing tracks for a Long Player with past cohort Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas. Killer shows followed with likeminded friends and heroes such as; SuperSuckers, and Dwarves…….audiences were duly slain!

With the line up accommodating a face ripping triple-axe-attack, fully complemented by a rhythmic demolition squad expertly handled by ‘Tiger Si’ Atkinson on drums and Adam ‘Fox’ Irwin on bass, they set forth and tore up mainland Europe with the mighty Airbourne. Next came UK with The Datsuns, Winnebago Deal, Parlor Mob, Stone Gods and Danko Jones – these men are ready to take on a world that is eager for some rock and/or roll and have been called to appear at this year’s Download festival at the gladiatorial Donnington Park.

“If you’re one of those people who like: a) the first three Black Sabbath albums, b) masturbating in church, or c) masturbating in church with Black Sabbath on your ipod, then you’re going to go absolutely fucknuts for The Black Spiders. Recalling the likes of Turbonegro, Zeke, or a less intellectual Afghan Whigs (that’s meant as a complement), this four piece peddle crotch-sodden sleaze-rock that touches upon questions of theology, violence and, naturally, major league rutting. They’re blatantly going to hell, but before they do, be sure to crack one off in their honor next time you’re in Bible class.” NME

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