Thisorder is an alternative rock band tunes and video


          Location: Rome, RM, Italy
          Description: Seattle grunge sound revisited through the point of view of a modern stoner-prog italian band. Melodic Impact.
          Band Members: Emanuele Rontino – Vocals Marco Albanelli – Guitars Domenico Muscariello – Bass Tommaso Manna – Drums Thisorder is an alternative rock band from the island of Ischia, Naples, Italy but…wait, forget about sandy beaches and sunshine, here’s a rock band!! Their music is a mix of different elements, from the great american rock of the 90’s, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains to psychedelic sounds, expanded through the use of delay and other guitar effects. It might be called progressive, using the word referring to contemporary bands like Blackfield or Porcupine Tree and not Genesis only. The music of Thisorder reveal an aggressive side as well and the result is an open minded sound coming from an extremely mature songwriting. Their debut album, “Inner Island”, is scheduled for early March 2010!
          Press Release: Thisorder Inner Island from 23rd February 2010 (digital) and March 2010 in (CD – New Model Label – Audioglobe distribution Born in Ischia, an island certainly not in the central routes of Rock, Thisorder are representing a real surprise and their multifaceted rock music is full of international ambitions. The sound of bands such as Pearl Jam, Tool or Alice In Chains represents the only matter of departure for Thisorder, an influence assimilated and subsequently developed in a striclty personal way. “Inner Island” is not a mere collection of songs, but a succession of moments and emotions, affinities and contrasts, like playing with space and sound and love for the song texture. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by the band between Ischia and Rome, then mastered at Sterling Sound in New York by Justin Shturtz, who also worked with Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Seether and Slipknot. “I’m Sorry”, the concentric opening track is just an example of the band’s writing textures, with an alternation between moments of melodic bursts of energy, which we also find in the following track “Fingers” a song of which Thisorder are taking special pride for it’s a balance between the complexity of writing (with constant changes of time and atmosphere) and the overall melodic that it is never sacrificed. “Unus”, first single and video from the album, shows the most direct and energetic side of Thisorder, with references to the modern “stoner sounds” of QOTSA, immediately followed by “Rashua” a track which moves towards more hard-psychedelia and “Blood Upon The Wheel”, dominated by a super-low distortion which refers to the harsh and acid desert rock atmospheres. “The Bitter Hail ” is a return to more intimistic moments, with melodies and arrangements in which the word “progressive” is not totally out of the picture if referred to contemporary bands such as Porcupine Tree, and same word is going to last on “3 Dawns”, even contaminated with distorted guitar. “Tomorrow Will Be Gone” is a further example of how Thisorder are playing with the song form, knowing in their own way, of being very classic, but without giving their energy up. “Fist” is also the most aggressive and rebellious episode on the entire album, followed by “Late Empire”, the last album track, a song inspired by the images of Iranian Neda’s death. An indictment to all forms of oppression.
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