Tranquilizer Records First Compilation

Archive, Rock, rock and roll 31 Jan , 2011 | 1:51 pm | Network

Tranquilizer Records First Compilation If you’re a fan of new, rare, independently produced rock’n’roll music, you have to be smiling wide knowing that Toronto based Tranquilizer Records is scouring the net for the finest tunes the international scene has to offer, uniting them on CD “time capsule” compilations and providing them to true music lovers and collectors worldwide. “Tranquilizer Records – Capsule #1”, set for release in January, 2011, promises to be a highly desired blastoff of a series of rock jem filled compilation CD’s to come, forging the preservation and promotion of modern rock music and its creators in their rightful places in rock’n’roll history. If you’re looking for run of the mill radio rock then dont look here, but if you’re searching for unique, creative, artistic tunage, the Tranquilizer Records Capsule Series is just the place for you. All in all, you just can’t help but feel a huge part of it all.

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