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Well as time as moved forward, less and less people are using U-Rock, the ones that are quickly come to realize that they are not alone. If you find a website using the U-Rock or You Rock Logo’s and language but are not part or do not have a proper ™ or Full Circle R then please fill out the for below and let us know about them. We will contact them about becoming proper licensed.

The Urock Network™ is a full registered Trademark and covered in the EU under license No.

1216577 – The Urock Network

(151) Date of the registration 04.06.2014
(180) Expected expiration date of the registration/renewal 04.06.2024
(270) Language(s) of the application English
(732) Name and address of the holder of the registration
John Kevin Timothy, 168 East Ridge Road, Suite 204
Linwood PA 19061 (US)
(812) Contracting State or Contracting Organization in the territory of which the holder has a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment – US
(841) State of which the holder is a national – US
(842) Legal nature of the holder (legal entity) and State, and, where applicable, territory within that State where the legal entity is organized
Individual, United States
(740) Name and address of the representative
John Kevin Timothy, 168 East Ridge Road, Suite 204, Linwood PA 19061 (US)
(540) Mark – The Urock Network
(541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters
(526) Disclaimer “NETWORK”.
(511) The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and the list of goods and services classified according thereto- NCL (10-2014) 09 Downloadable MP3 files, MP3 recordings, online discussion board posts, webcasts, webinars and podcasts featuring music audio books in the field of music and news broadcasts.
(821) Basic application – US, 05.10.2012, 85746452.
(832) Designation(s) under the Madrid Protocol – EM

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I would like to take a minute and blow off some steam about all the impostors now trying to use Urock and Urock Radio. Using the name and claiming ignorance of my existence or blatantly ignoring what I have been telling you does not, and will not give you usage rights. Right now there is only one Registrant at “You Rock” and One other who thought he could steal the name, Urock. It will only be a little more time before my registration paper is granted and then the lawsuits will begin. Let this serve as a fair warning to all who think they will use Urock in any capacity for the development and distribution of music. Thank You for Reading.

All Rights Reserved. 1999-2017 Urock Network™ & Urock Radio™


The U-Rock Network is a unique network of music supporters that know great rock music. On the playlist of all the Urock Affiliates you will find great rock overlooked and long forgotten by marketing fads!! The U-Rock Network feed located at http://urock.network/ or on your mobile at http://urockradio.net/ where you will find great New Rock and Roll from bands on the up and coming list. The Network feed has no preference to style of rock, you will hear everything from metal, progressive, indie, punk, garage, revival, 50', 60's, 70's and styles not mentioned, Like we said if it Rocks, Then we play it.

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