Welcome Everyone From The Flyer

Archive, Rock, rock and roll 22 Apr , 2011 | 12:10 am | Network

Hello and Welcome to all of you who found Urocktm Radio from the Flyer that you saw and decided to check out, Thank You Again, from me, Kevin Timothy.

Urocktm Radio covers many of today’s best new artists, side by side with the underexposed bands forgotten by fads and bands that are tomorrow’s stars starting out right now.

Urocktm Radio’s mission is to operate independently of traditional FM radio programming by spinning great rock from every era and style. Listen To Urocktm Radio and you will hear great rock and roll from the 50’s to Today’s . Urocktm Radio – PHL is the lead Rock Radio Station on the Internet and encourages submissions for quality recordings.

Please hit a google link or check out some great phones on Amazon.com, it helps us pay the bills. Look for more flyers with special show announcements, specials and collector’s items from your favorite underground rocker.

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